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Kav Mitaar | Architecture & Town Planning

Kav Mitaar LTD is an architecture and Urban planning firm with 40 years’ seniority. Our office is widely experienced with a variety of projects in Israel and abroad.

Work at our office is centrally divided into three main departments; Residential Building department, Public-safety building department, including complex structures for offices and trade, and our department for Urban Planning.

Furthermore, our office operates a Characterization and Program writing department which accompanies all the above departments, works and acts as a cornerstone for the planning process.

 This combination enables us to offer response in all planning stages, starting with feasibility and selecting a planning concept, through characterizing the project and setting it up with an architectural program, planning, Managing & Coordinating and accompanying the project through statutory permits and construction; We offer high quality planning and always within the client’s agreed upon time frame and budget. 

The large amount of experience we’ve acquired enables us to take significant part of all the above stages and deliver professional response in each field. Our clientele is typically public bodies and private entrepreneurs alike.


T +972 3 5252130 F +972 3 6203438 e 

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